• bENT

    bEnt or birdsong Enterprises is a community based social enterprise established in 2011 which is Registered under the Companies Act of Trinidad and Tobago. It is designed to provide income generation and employment for members of the Steelband.  bEnt is managed by a board consisting of 

    • Col. George Robinson – Chairman
    • Leroy Calliste
    • Raymond Haynes
    • Dave Clement
    • Lenny Tyson

    bEnt participates in the Community-Based Environmental Protection and Enhancement Programme (CEPEP) an initiative of the Trinidad and Tobago Ministry of Housing and Urban Development. CEPEP is one of the main pillars of the National strategy for the development of the Green Economy and CEPEP participates as a contractor employing more than 62 persons in the community.

    bEnt Successful training

    Graduates proudly display their certificates obtained at a course organised by bEnt entitled Professional Development for Foremen