• About Us

    At birdsong, the fear of flying is not an option. We make demands on all stakeholders. Those who are afraid to dream big dreams, hesitant to explore beyond the vistas of current musical horizon, may find us intimidating, uncompromising; some may even say hostile for we have set ourselves the monumental task of re-imagining the Steelband. 

    What began as a Steelband 40 years ago has morphed into a far more complex institution.  To-date the Steelband boasts a dynamic model that features a Music Division (Academy) and Social Enterprise. Furthermore, the birdsong Foundation was incorporated as a not-for-profit company and received the Registered Charitable Status by the Trinidad and Tobago Government in 2005. 

    With the birdsong Academy, birdsong has plunged not only into the immense abyss of youth music education in Trinidad and Tobago, but is pushing the music envelope of the steelpan, by the latter’s sustained integration with other music instruments.

    In an effort to create income generation and employment for our members, we presently operate two community-based Social Enterprises, namely:

    Our Vision

    To be a global brand of music excellence

    Our Mission

    Continuously challenging the boundaries of Steelpan innovation in music, music education and self- sustainability


    We aim to transform the Steelband into a music institution that leverages its social capital to promote the development of our members, the Steelband movement and the community