• birdsong Foundation

    Birdsong Board Members and Original Founders

    Board Members and Original Founders:  left to right: Gerry Kangalee, Ruthven Lequay, Amanda Joseph, Shaka  Nkhosi.  Clement Imbert, Raymond Haynes (Edwin),Dave Clement, David Abdullah

    The birdsong Foundation was granted Registered Charitable Status by the Trinidad and Tobago Government in 2005. This is but one small step along the continuum of transformation that must be traveled, if the institution is to embrace the exciting opportunities ahead.  We have developed evolving institutional arrangements to manage this unusual feat, our goal, as we continue to strive for excellence.


    • Shaka Nkhosi
    • Dave Clement
    • Nyol Manswell
    • Clement Imbert 
    • Derrianne Dyett
    • Karen Lynch
    • Andrew Lennie Tyson
    • Dennis Phillip
    • Christopher Clarke
    • George Robinson