• Invitation to Play with birdsong Steel Orchestra

    birdsong would like to invite you to work with the steel drum artist and composer Rudy "Two Left" Smith and perform with birdsong Steel Orchestra at the 2018 Panorama Semifinals Competition to be held on January 24th, 2018.

    birdsong Steel Orchestra, which was formally launched on September 22, 1973, is a non-profit, community based organization with a predominantly young membership base – some 75% of its current membership is under the age of twenty one and more than 50% is still in the formal education system.

    Throughout its 40 - ­­year existence, birdsong Steel Orchestra has participated in every major national steel band competition winning several Jouvert morning “Bomb” competitions, and securing a place in the regional and national finals of many panorama competitions. birdsong Steel Orchestra’s past arrangements for Panorama have been composed by some top -­­ notch artists including Len “Boogsie” Sharpe, Rudy Smith , Raf Robertson, and Andy Narell.

    Over the last 15 years, Birdsong's development efforts have increasingly focused on empowering the next generation of pannists and, in pursuit of this objective, they have created the birdsong Academy - an independent music program that is designed to provide a music education that targets the immediate community as well as youths from all Caribbean nations.

    The primary mission of the birdsong Academy is to prepare young musicians for higher education by emphasizing musical literacy, steel band performance as an orchestral art form, ear training, music theory, improvisation, music history with an emphasis on calypso and steel band music, learning to play instruments other than the pan (horns, keyboards,vocals, percussion with performance in all genres).

    In 2018, The Birdsong Steelband, Academy and Social Enterprises will be offering a 3 sector Panorama programs. These programs were created to provide a more educational experience for performing participants, with some added excursions and events.

    Programs Features:

    1. Performance at the Preliminary and Semi-Finals panorama competition
    2. Housing
    3. Birdsong instrument use
    4. Airport transportation
    5. Prelims / semi-final / finals attire
    6. A farewell Party (Incl. food and drinks)

    Optional Addons:

    Masterclasses : $100

    Three consist of three(3)  2 hour Masterclasses led by:

    Recreation: $100

    Enjoy excursions to some of the major attractions in Trinidad including Maracas Bay, Las Cuevas Macqueripe and to Port of Spain for Savannah and Shopping.

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    Your generous gift will directly support us in areas such as infrastructure development, exam fees, tuition and training, instrument acquisition and performances and other operating cost.