• birdsong Selected for Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival

    Congrats are due to our official Photographer and  Videographer, Vibert Medford on the selection (genre: Documentary Short)  of  his film entitled birdsong for the Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival.   The film tells the story of Mia Gormandy,  the first woman to be appointed arranger for the birdsong Steel Orchestra.  This documentary follows her during one night of steelband practice, as she prepares the panside for the 2017 Panorama competition.

    Make sure to come out in your large numbers to support Vibert at the official Trinidad and Tobago  Film Premiere.  These are as follows:

    • Sun 24 Sept, 1.30pm MovieTowne POS Screen 7 Q+A
    • Sun 24 Sept, 1.00pm MovieTowne San Fernando
    • Sun 24 Sept, 1.00pm MovieTowne Tobago

    Your generous gift will directly support us in areas such as infrastructure development, exam fees, tuition and training, instrument acquisition and performances and other operating cost.