Birdsong is too important for us to stand by idly
  • 11 August 2016
  • Without a National Policy for Pan, situations like the eviction imbroglio that is presently confronting Birdsong are bound to occur. If the steelpan is the national instrument then we have to set up the national infrastructure within which steelbands can ...

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    Andy Narell on the current crisis, birdsong and state of music education
  • 8 August 2016
  • I heard the news that birdsong is being evicted. I’m in no way qualified to discuss the legal issues concerning the real estate involved, but I would like to say a few words about birdsong and music education. Anywhere you ...

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    Dr Bill Pfaff's revelation of the Birdsong Academy
  • 3 August 2016
  • This is an article by Dr. Bill Pfaff, an Associate Professor of Theory, History and Composition at the Plattsburgh State University of New York. He is also a well renowned composer and producer whose music has been characterized by a ...

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    Why isn’t everyone setting up a Birdsong Academy?
  • 28 July 2016
  • Birdsong Academy should be the model for all community music programmes everywhere. It successfully combines music tuition, music making and a space of sanctuary at the heart of community. Yet unlike any other community music programme I know of anywhere ...

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